Automation Of Multistory Parking Lots (Intelligent Parking Guidance System)

Today, for improved management of multistory parking lots, intelligent parking systems are being utilized. With active experience in this field, and with reliance on our extensive knowledge in ITS, we have made great strides toward achieving intelligent transportation Following Items Are Doing By Paya Tadbir Pakan Eng. Co. :

* Careful monitoring of traffic flow
* Careful monitoring of people entering and leaving
* Video surveillance for matching ingoing and outgoing vehicles Car park guidance

Automation of Mehr-Va-Mah parking lot in Qazvin province, Iran, is one of the projects completed by our company, which in October 2016 was inaugurated by Iran's president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani.

Intelligent Parking System Operating Procedure

In front of each marked parking area a license plate recognition camera is placed, so that the camera can read the license plate and send this data over to the data server, where it can be saved and processed. An LED sign can be installed at the entrance of each parking area, indicating whether the area is available or not.