Camera Lowering And Raising System

In today's world, the use of surveillance and security systems is being used on a daily basis, which makes it more attractive to protect and maintain them. Each system requires maintenance and related periodic maintenance after installation, which will vary with each device. On the other hand, the importance of service as well as the importance of service providers is becoming more and more important with the expansion of the use of such systems. Therefore, Paya Tadbir Pakan has make Lowering System by support of his professional engineering team with high & update technology and standard. The system works well in very bad environmental and atmospheric conditions, easy installation & user friendly. The system works well in extreme environmental conditions and is easy to install and easy to use. Throughout the design and analysis process, all efforts have been made to optimize the system as much as possible, and equipment and components in the optimum mode with the least energy consumption while protecting the safety of individuals and equipment. It is very important to make such equipment important that there is no disturbance in the operation of the camera and data transfer, which is why the design team of Paya Tadbir Pakan Co., with the design of the appropriate fittings, with the certainty of complete connection and without compromising the quality of this challenge Has successfully passed. It is worth mentioning that in order to improve and increase the accuracy and safety, the system is equipped with intelligent system that prevents any possible damage by establishing the location of the cable and the camera and establishes a reliable connection. The Lowering can be controlled by a remote control with command line connection and it is also possible to leave the control center down or control the operator and then service operations.