Consulting, Designing And Implementing Variable Message Signs (VMS)

These boards are used to display traffic messages throughout roads and highways and other jammed and accident-prone locations. The screen of these boards is a matrix of pixels consisted of small LEDs, and controlled by electronic boards. these message boards can be connected to and communicate with the control center, and thus, all messages related to road quality, traffic volume, safety recommendations and more can be sent to these boards at appropriate times. These boards can adjust their light intensity based on ambient light; also, due to the high chromatic quality of LEDs, the board is completely visible in different weather conditions, especially in rainy and foggy weather. Paya Tadbir Pakan Co. has implemented its projects with the products of Aesys Company, Italy; Aesys is one of the most well-known and reputable European companies having state-of-the-art controlling equipment, and delivering its products with the highest quality, the best traffic colors.