FTTX Network Architecture

Today, FTTX-based networks penetration rate is increasing with every passing day throughout the region and the world, and utilization of broadband services like high-quality Internet Protocol Televisions (IPTV), distance education, telemedicine, E-commerce, online banking, online games and entertainments, high-speed internet and video calls are rapidly expanding. Considering these new modes of interaction, establishing a new network capable of meeting the consumers’ needs is a necessity. This technology can solve the Internet problem of the country with its high technical and economic efficiency.
FTTX (Fiber to X) is a generic term used for describing the distance reach of optical fiber. The letter x in FTTX refers to “Home”, with the term FTTP or Fiber to the Premises also used interchangeably.
The other type of this technology is called FTTB Fiber to the Building. These three terms describe systems in which fiber is run through the entire path from the service provider to the costumer.