Paya Tadbir Pakan Engineering Company, under the registration number 419267, has started its activities in 2011.
The main activity of the company is focused on the provision of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for urban areas. The company fulfills its projects and duties with the state-of- the-art technologies, and aims to play a leading role in this field.
The company, utilizing highly qualified and experienced IT and ITS managers and with employees having years of experience in IT and urban intelligent systems, was established to elevate the qualitative and quantitative levels of communicative foundations of the country.
The main activities of the company are consulting, design and engineering, implementation and support services in the fields of information technology and urban intelligent transportation; we also specialize in the procurement of equipment from reputable domestic and foreign dealers.
Implementation of Variable Message Signs (VMS) – as the appointed agent of Italian Company, Aesysinstallation of optical fiber networks, procurement of optical fiber from ETK Company , Turkey, implementation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic enforcement cameras, video and traffic monitoring systems, Lowering System, automation of multistory parking lots, and maintenance of Cross City tunnels’ equipment with modern design are among the activities of this company.