Radar Gun Systems


The radar sensors of these systems, in addition to determining the speed of the vehicle at any moment, can also determine its size as well. These systems can function properly even in adverse weather conditions and during the night. This system, which is among state-of-the-art technologies in the world and also has high performance accuracy, is currently designed and produced by several Iranian companies and has been installed on highways throughout the country.

License plate recognition cameras can be applied to a broad spectrum of ITS projects, such as recording driving offences of drivers entering an even-odd traffic restriction zone, recording license plates of vehicles that run a red light, checking BRT lines and recording the license plate of vehicles driving on these special lines, traffic recording systems (for computing the average speed and to record speeding based on that, recording the passage of heavy duty vehicles, road management via calculation of travel length, traffic count, and detection of wanted vehicles), recording instantaneous speeds for detection of speed limit offenders via license plate, license plate recognitions in the parking lots, controlling one-way and no-entry streets, mobile license plate recognition cameras for recording on-street parking offences, and Electronic Toll collection (ETC)or Open Road Tolling (ORT). The video surveillance systems are installed throughout the country, and we’re proud to say Paya Tadbir Pakan Co. is one of the executives of these systems across Iran.