Abuse registration systems

In these systems, radar sensors, in addition to measuring the speed of the moment, can also be used to determine the size of the car. Also, these equipment is able to function properly even in adverse atmospheric conditions during the night. The system is one of the newest technologies in the world and it also has high performance accuracy. Currently, it is designed and built by domestic manufacturers in Iran and installed on highways of Tehran and national roads.
Plug-in camera for a wide range of ITS projects, such as incoming and outgoing traffic incidents, redirects, redirects of BRT lines and unauthorized traffic offenses on special routes and traffic registration systems (Speed calculation). Average and registration of violations on the basis of it, registration of traffic entering heavy vehicles of road management by calculating the length of the trip and the number of traffic and the discovery of wanted vehicles), the recording of instantaneous traffic offenses on the basis of plaque, plain parking, unidirectional crossing and no entry. , A plaque reader is used to record fringe parcel violations and an electronic payment system for ETC and ORT complications.
• Multi-core processor embedded
• Integrated Digital Programmable Circuits (or FPGAs) embedded
• High sensitivity sensors
• Smart design
Auto Detecting Camera (ANPR)
The PAYA 2HD is an extremely integrated ANPR embedded imaging camera that includes image decompression, image processing and communication with the system. The smart camera provides users with robust yet easy-to-use, straightforward, modular, reliable, and real-time solutions for high-performance scalability, and enables multiple information processing per second. PAYA 2HD can be connected to external devices such as radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs), radar LED projectors equipped with colored cameras and infrared lights that cover up to 40 meters.
The features of this device include:
• Global shutter speed transducer sensors for imaging with quality and reducing image blur
• DSP system embedded for secondary development
• 2 megapixel resolution
• Reliable real-time operating system (OS)
• The dedicated H.264 ASIC encoder reduces the load on the encoder from the DSP system
• Operating conditions: 40 to 80 degrees, fanless design with strong metal alloys
• Very high experience in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
• Color Shutter Shutter Extender
• Intelligent transportation system:
Red lights, speed control, toll roads, road safety
• Safety:
Intelligent HD surveillance with real-time analysis of events
• Supervision:
HD quality monitoring with video analysis
• Vision Machine:
Intelligent Video Analysis
• Car Park:
Smart Car Park Analysis
Automatic identification of the license plate using instant video processing
• Motion Detection based on image processing
• Vehicle counting using instant video processing